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CHICAGO – Abbott Labs is fighting back after one study suggested the company’s rapid test for coronavirus is highly inaccurate.

The study showed results from Abbott’s test, ID Now, were inaccurate in near half of the case tested.

Vice President of Diagnostics, Dr. John Hackett, called the study an outlier.

“As a scientist, ID Now is a remarkable diagnostic tool,” he said. “What I mean by outlier is these results are very different from those obtained and reported on by other research groups.”

Abbott officials said at least three others studies and hundreds of testing sites show ID Now is very accurate.

The recent study has the company on the defense. Researchers from New York University took nasal swabs from 101 patients and used two devices; the ID Now and a device called the Cepheid.

The Cepheid found 31 cases, but the study said 48 percent of those cases tested negative with ID Now.

Abbott scientists contacted the researchers.

“These authors acknowledge that there was limitations to the testing and recognize this was not a standard clinical style type study,” Dr. Hackett said.

Before this study, the ID Now test was best known for delivering results in 10 to 13 minutes, rather than days. It impressed the White House.

The FDA said there’s been 15 complaints against ID Now, out of more than one and a half million tests.

The FDA said they will investigate this latest study.