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WOODSTOCK, Ill. — Six COVID-19-related deaths have been reported at a residential home for adults with developmental disabilities in McHenry County.

Six residents of the Sheltered Village in Woodstock have died, according to the facility. All were over the age of 50.

Fourteen other residents and 12 staff members have tested positive for the virus. Results are pending for at least a dozen more.

According to the Facebook post, the facility went on lockdown on March 17 and allowed only essential employees into the building “and only after an assessment ensuring employees were symptom and fever-free.”

The facility said the first case was identified on April 1.

“Staff members at Sheltered Village are adhering to all safety precautions and recommendations from the Illinois and McHenry County Departments of Health in order to help contain and minimize spread of the virus,” the facility posted. “Sheltered Village has been working closely with the McHenry County Department of Health to attempt to limit further spread of the virus. Staff continues to be assessed for symptoms twice each day and the building is in continuous process of being disinfected.”

Facility Business Manager Lauren Schlendorf included a statement that said:

We want to share with the public how easily this virus can impact your environment, regardless of safety precautions in place. The safety of our residents and staff is the primary concern and focus of Sheltered Village.

According to Schlendorf, the Woodstock community has come together to provide PPE and other donations. But due to dozens of employees who are sick and quarantined, Sheltered Village has put an urgent call for additional nursing staff.

Many of the 83 residents are showing symptoms, so it is feared the case count may rise.

McHenry County has reported nine total deaths from COVID-19 so far, so almost all are linked to Sheltered Village.