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Constant COVID-19 updates can naturally lead to a heightened sense of stress and anxiety.

If you find yourself weighed down by the constant coverage of the virus, there are ways to lighten your load mentally. Stewart Shankman, Chief of Psychology at Northwestern University, shared some tips with WGN Morning News on how to manage virus-related anxiety.

Avoid information overload

With millions of resources at the tips of our fingers, it’s easy to overload your system with an excess of reports. While it is important to stay informed, Shankman recommends taking time to unplug from the updates in order to not induce more stress.

Trust reputable sources

When looking for updates, Shankman says it’s best to get your information from sources you can trust. He recommends CDC’s coverage, as well as updates from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Don’t max out on stress

Shankman argues that stock-piling on toilet paper is a natural reaction to stress; it is a way to exert control over a situation that leaves many feeling powerless. However, he advises to keep stress levels at bay, since an excess of mental duress is ultimately counterproductive. He argues that stress weakens one’s immune system,  making them more susceptible to the virus.