2 employee deaths reported at South Side care facility

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CHICAGO — Two employees at a South Side nursing home have died.

The employees worked at BRIA of Forest Edge, located at 8001 S Western Ave in Chicago.

Their deaths are reportedly COVID-19 related.

Bria Health Services is the company that owns and operates the nursing home and others in the area. CEO Daniel Weiss released a statement that said,

Our BRIA staff and residents are grieving over the loss of two heroes who were part of the BRIA family for many years.  We are planning a memorial service to celebrate their contribution to the residents they loved so much.   Our condolences and sympathy go out to their families.

Lee Phillips, 56,  is a resident at BRIA. He is in critical condition at Rush according to his brother Nate Phillips.

Nate Phillips said he didn’t know his brother was in the hospital at Rush until he got a call from a doctor there asking about his dialysis. Nate o one anyone at Bria had told him.

“You can just imagine how shocked I was,” he said. “I said ‘Doc, I was not aware you do dialysis in the nursing home.’ He said, ‘No your brother is in Rush Hospital in intensive care.’”

Nate Phillips said his younger brother battles emotional issues but as it relates to COVID -19 he is now improving. 

“Today was the most encouraging day since his hospitalization,” he said.

Smith Village located just several miles south at 113th and Western is also dealing with the loss of residents. Eleven others are battling the virus long with at least seven staff members.


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