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CHICAGO The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released footage of a fatal police shooting that left an armed suspect dead after a shooting outside a Home Depot in the city’s Brighton Park neighborhood in March.

In what was a tense situation that unfolded to many Chicagoans over evening news, the footage released now reveals the police perspective of the alarming standoff between an officer and an armed suspect had allegedly shot a security guard and a Chicago police officer.

The confrontation ended with the officer firing fatal shots over a fence near the Home Depot where the original crimes had occurred.

The COPA release shows officer dashcam footage of a squad car rushing after the suspect, following him into a Brighton Park alley where one officer was hit after a brief chase.

The suspect was later identified as 18-year-old Travon Chadwell.

Footage recorded by a person inside of a home overlooking the scene shows Chadwell standing behind a vehicle during a standoff with police holding a gun, with officers pleading with him to drop it.

In separate bodycam footage, one officer is shown stepping on a chair to gain a vantage point over the nearby fence, firing three shots that ultimately killed Chadwell.

COPA released more than 10 officer videos, along with recordings of emergency calls and ShotSpotter alerts as part of a commitment to transparency in police shootings.

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