CHICAGO — Cook County commissioners came together Wednesday at City Hall to unveil a new resolution they’re proposing to tackle food insecurity.

It is called the Food is Medicine resolution and specifically highlights the impact of you are what you eat.

Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer of the 2nd District is leading the charge and supported by five other Cook County commissioners.

The resolution builds upon money already in the pot for this kind of work to the tune of about $650,000 – and adds an additional $350,000 to it to bring the funds up to a million dollars.

The money would then be used for a number of things including:

  • Building partnerships with fresh produce providers and the Illinois Restaurant Association to highlight healthy eating options
  • Creating a new website where people can locate the information
  • Creating a campaign expressing the importance of quality food and nutrition – of which the south and west suburbs of the county have the least access to.

The resolution will be voted on in committee next Wednesday and then it goes before the full board for a vote on November 16.