Cook County seeing record-breaking mail-in and early voting


CICERO, Ill. — It’s one week until Election Day and Cook County is seeing record-breaking mail-in and early voting. The County Clerk said it’s happening while everyone copes with the pandemic.

From mail ballots to voter registration officials say suburban Cook County is on track to shatter all previous records.

Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough gave cameras a peek into the Elections Operation Center In Cicero Tuesday.

She said this year, her office received more than 550,000 requests for mail ballots — five times more than 2016.

County officials said ballots will be delivered in person on Thursday to dozens of suburban nursing homes where residents have been waiting for ballots to arrive.

And with equipment upgrades and people power, the clerk’s office is promising every vote will be counted.

“All ballot requests are being fulfilled on a daily basis and as we get the ballots here they’re being processed on a daily basis,” Ed Michalowski, Deputy Clerk of Elections, said.

In response to questions about confirmation for mail in ballots — said county officials say more than 250,000 voters should have online notification their ballots were received with 60,000 more are in queue and they said they’ve had huge success with the secure drop boxes for mail ballots.


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