New year, new fees

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Cook County shoppers will see some savings on their purchases starting today.

The final one-quarter percent of an infamous sales tax increase has been rolled back.

It was championed by former Cook County board president Todd Stroger in 2008, giving Chicago the highest combined sales tax rate of any large city in the nation.

But, some county costs are going up in the next few months.

Taxes will increase for smokers, gun buyers and, people who make large out-of-county purchases.

In Chicago, water bills will rise significantly in the new year and property taxes will go up.

Parking meter rates will jump, for a fifth year in a row.

And speed cameras will start fining fast drivers near schools and parks.

Meanwhile, a new city electricity bulk-purchasing plan is expected to reduce rates by about $20 dollars a month for the average household from February through May.

For a full list of new laws, download the PDF below courtesy of Illinois Senate President John Cullerton:

New Illinois Laws for 2013


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