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CHICAGO — Following today’s shootings on the Eisenhower Expressway, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is calling on Mayor Emanuel to do more to protect Chicago’s expressways.

“People are afraid,” Boykin said. “They’re afraid. That was nothing more than an act of pure terror on our expressways in broad daylight.”

Fed up with the violence, Commissioner Boykin is looking to Washington for help.

“We need congress to step in. We need the federal government, the FBI and the DEA to coordinator in tandem with the Chicago Police Department to try to make these neighborhoods safe,” he said.

Last week, Emanuel delivered remarks Chicago’s gun violence crisis, but Commissioner Boykin says the mayor must do more to reassure people the city is safe.

“Now it’s spreading to Millennium Park, it’s spreading to our expressways. This is unacceptable,” he said.

Today, Governor Rauner said there are so many shootings in Chicago, it’s only natural the violence would spill onto the expressways.

This summer, the Illinois State Police launched an Anti-Violence Surge in an attempt to flood Chicago expressways with additional troopers, aircrafts, video camera and covert vehicles.

But the bullets continue to fly.

Rauner says the long term solution to the violence problem is increasing opportunity. Boykin says, in the meantime,  everyone must address the violence crisis.