Cook County commissioner no-shows at first McCook Village meeting since raids

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MCCOOK, Ill. - Cook County Commissioner and McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski was a no-show for the first public hearing since federal agents swept into the mayor`s office last month.

They also raided the village hall of nearby Lyons and the insurance office of Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty. Agents also conducted what was deemed investigative activity in Summit.

Computers and financial records were retrieved in all cases.

All of these municipalities are part of State Senator Martin Sandoval`s district.

Agents also raided Sandoval`s home and Springfield and Cicero offices too.

Both McCook and Lyons have earned reputations for cronyism, nepotism and double-dipping. Jeff Tobloski makes $58,000 as McCook’s village president and another $85,000 as a Cook County commissioner, according to public records.

There are at least seven Tobolski's relatives employed at for the village, including his wife who runs the Max recreation center. WGN learned federal agents took documents related to a renovation of the pub at the center.

At Monday night's board meeting, village trustees said they're anxious to learn more.

When encouraged by residents to relieve Tobolski of his responsibilities, trustee Thomas Perrin wouldn’t go that far.

“We don't know yet what`s going on," Perrin said. "There have been no charges filed against the mayor.”

When asked if he’s seen him since the raids, he told us no.


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