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CHICAGO — A re-sentencing hearing concluded late Monday night for convicted murderer Adolfo Davis.  The judge will announce his decision on May 4th.

Davis is  serving a mandatory life sentence for a gang related double murder since he was 14-years-old.

25 years later, he’s is being re-sentenced after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling said it’s unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to “mandatory life without the possibility of parole.”

Davis’ attorneys called several witnesses today to talk about the man he’s become over the years. A local priest said Davis is now a mentor for children.

The same prosecutor who tried Davis in 1990, is trying to keep him behind bars to honor the original sentence.

The state is calling a correctional official to testify to Davis’ behavior in prison, and the original investigator who questioned him when he was arrested.

The re-sentencing is the first one of about a hundred in the state that could happen.