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CHICAGO — A judge will decide on Tuesday just how long Reginald Potts will spend behind bars for the 2007 killing of his casual girlfriend.

Late last year Potts was convicted of stalking and killing Nailah Franklin. In the closing argument today the state told the judge Reginald Potts is a sociopath and his criminal past has made him the poster child for life behind bars.

For the past week Potts has sat and listen to witness after witness describe his criminal deeds one by one dating back to the mid-1990s.

He racked up nine felony charges over three decades, threatened to kill officers their families and terrorized strangers and the women in his life.

The state is hoping the judge will impose a life sentence Tuesday for killing Franklin in 2007. The two dated briefly until franklin found out about Potts criminal past. Not long after her naked body was found in a wooded area in Calumet City.

A few relatives of Potts wrote letters in support of him. The prosecution countered they either didn’t really know him or they were lying. Potts’s public defenders asked the judge to sentence him by the law, not emotion. And asked for a sentence between 20 to 60 years. Then it was Potts’s turn.

Potts spoke sometimes through tears, for more than 20 minutes at time he blamed the media, the state’s attorney and even Franklin herself before once again maintaining his innocence.

The judge will decide on Potts’s sentence on Tuesday.  Franklin’s family, who has been in the court room, all week long are expected to speak to the media after the sentence is handed down.