Congress Hotel strike over after 10 years

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Workers at the Congress  Plaza Hotel in the Loop have agreed to end their 10 year strike.The strike has gotten plenty of attention from Democratic leaders and civil rights leaders alike over the years.  On July 16, 2007,  then U.S.  Senator Barack Obama walked the picket line with hospitality workers from the hotel.  They had been on strike for three years already.

But now it’s abruptly over.

The union, UNITE Here Local 1, notified the attorney and chief negotiator for the Congress Hotel at midnight today with  letter with an offer to unconditionally return to work and back to the 2002 contract

No concessions have been made to prompt this decision.  There haven’t been talks in nearly a year and union members got nothing.

The Congress Hotel’s attorney is as surprised as everyone else and is proceeding cautiously.

UNITE Here says the strike has reduced the hotel’s business which the hotel denies and that there’s nothing more to do there. It released this statement saying in part:  “The decision to end the Congress strike as a hard one, but it is the right time for the union and the strikers to move on.  We have many more battles to fight for economic justice.”


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