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Girl Power. It’s real. And when women put their heads together it’s amazing, sometimes unbelievable what they can accomplish.

For a group of women, their tangible goals may be different, but their way of reaching those goals revolves around one thing: Fitness.

Getting out of the house and working up a sweat with other women to make their dreams, no matter how big or small come true.

Marquita Anderson is a former college dancer who is now a 20 something from Savannah, Georgia who needs to fill that void and is trying to figure what she wants to be when she grows up. She lives in Chicago now and has figured out a couple of things. Her two loves are journalism and fitness.

Last year she found a place where she can pursue both and get constant support to stay on track.

“It was kind of like a sorority for fitness,” she says.

She applied to become a member, or an “ambassador” as they are called, for ASweeatLife, an online media company that believes fitness is the key for living your best life, no matter what you want to do.

Its founder Jeana Anderson has created a support group for career minded women who are focused on fitness.

“We’ve seen people achieve incredible things like writing books, starting or finishing their MBA, starting a company, or pursuing just a big dream,” Jeana says.

It costs $10 a month to attend goal setting sessions, workouts all over the city with perks and discounts and build a network of new, like-minded friends who want to work their way to the top in and out of the gym.

But if your goal is to drop a dress size, believe it or not, this work out crowd will tell you to look elsewhere.

“If you are thinking about losing weight, you are thinking about yourself ‘less than’ you are today,” Jeana said. “What we want our program to be is additive.”

“The group is golden. If you speak out an idea, they are like, ‘We got everything you need to make it happen, so let’s set a date and make it happen,’”Marquita says.

There is no anonymity with this group. You are connected online and through social media but you do meet several times a month, more often when taking advantage of the fitness outlets. If you are working toward your goals, they’ll ask you about it. It’s hard to just drop off.

“We believe those are two things that make people happier and healthier: new experiences and new relationships,” Jeana says. “We built a business around making friends.”

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