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CHICAGO — Members of Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood rallied today against holding the music festival Riot Fest in their park this fall.

The Humboldt Park Citizens Against Riot Fest Committee met in the park field house looking for support to keep the three day fest from returning in September.

The list of complaints surrounding the massive music fest is long; lack of access to the park during the event, disruptions in the neighborhood and the heavy damage that’s been caused by rain and thousands of festival goers, which, eight months after the event, is still being repaired.

The committee is now circulating a petition to keep the park district from issuing Riot Fest a permit this year.

But Riot Fest has gotten its own share of backers.

More than 6500 signatures are on a petition in support of keeping the fest where it is.

As for the damage caused to the park, Riot Fest’s founder says

Riot Fest has delivered everything promised and more, in an effort to correct damage from festivalgoers during a major rain event the first day of the fest, as well as to generally improve the park for residents to enjoy. Riot Fest has invested  $152,000.00 in the project thus far and is 100% committed to covering all necessary improvements going forward.

26 Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado’s office says he supports the concept but says Riot Fest has outgrown the Humboldt Park location and he will fight to block its return.

Riot Fest organizer’s said they had a positive meeting with Ald. Maldonado on Monday and “we are both in agreement that there should be zero divide in the community. And it was discussed another meeting should happen next week to collaboratively devise a plan that works for everyone.”

The alderman’s office did not know about any planned meeting but says every Monday he has open ward hours for anyone who would like to discuss issues.