Community members demand change as city sees surge of violence


CHICAGO — As violence continues to surge in Chicago, community members are demanding change.

Shannon Halligan is live at 35th and Michigan with what they say needs to be done to address the violence.

Over the last two months, on average nearly 19 people were shot a day in Chicago, according to an analysis by the Chicago Sun-Times. Community members say that violence needs to come to an end.

“What happened here two days ago was a tragedy that should not have occurred and it’s something that happens perpetually in our community and we’re done, we’re tired,” Natasha Dunn, Black Community Collaborative, said.

Community members and activists gathered outside the Auburn Gresham funeral home where 15 people were shot Tuesday and called for systematic change in Chicago.

“We’re here because we want to hold people accountable. We want to hold the systems that we believe created this madness accountable,” Dunn said.

Police said the mass shooting outside the funeral home was an act of gang retaliation, but members of the Black Community Collaborative said gang violence and shootings are the result of a broken system.

“It is unacceptable that you close our schools, it is unacceptable that you displace our residents at CHA and not work with them to make sure they have sound housing, what do you expect is going to happen when you do that to our community?” Dunn said.

As a result, they say, everyone suffers, but these community members say the children are being hurt the most.

“ Two weeks, ten kids shot. Nobody marched, nobody rioted, nobody looted, I’m not saying loot but nothing was done, that is not OK,” Kay Yinding, Black Community Collaborative, said.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced federal resources coming to the city in an effort to curb the ongoing violence.

Thursday’s group said they’ll welcome if if it helps Chicago police solve many of the recent unsolved murders.


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