CHICAGO — The community held several vigils Saturday across Chicago as they mourn the loss of fallen Officer Andrés Vásquez Lasso.

Saturday morning, a prayer vigil was held outside the Chicago Police Department’s 8th district.

The prayer vigil included a prayer and a short walk in solidarity with his loved ones and fellow officers he serves with.

Another vigil was held shortly after noon at Mt. Greenwood Park.

Many community members have been trying to find ways to show their support and sympathies for the department and fallen officer’s family.

At Saturday’s event outside the 8th district, Robert Swiderski, who helped organize the event, said it’s the least they can do for a hero who gave his all.

“There’s a lot of people that are hurting right now,” Swiderski said. “There’s a lot of people that are mourning and we are hurting and mourning with them.”

Community members, clergy, officers, firefighters and city council members were among those who came to the vigil.

“Officer Vásquez Lasso, he was our protector, but also our neighbor,” 23rd Ward Ald. Silvana Tabares said. “He is from our neighborhood and he worked in this neighborhood. His family is now our family.”

“Over the last few days following the murder of Officer Vásquez Lasso, we’ve had plenty of discussion about blame, but we also have to show support for the families, the officers and the district that’s impacted,” 15th Ward Ald. Raymond Lopez said.

Following a prayer for the officer, his family and fellow officers, the group walked in solidarity.

“We’re going to do that by being here for 24 hours, being in prayer and in action, walking,” Swiderski said.

Anyone was welcome to join the walk in a small area near the 8th district. The group paused briefly several times at the spot where Vásquez Lasso was killed so they could pay their respects and say a prayer.

“Again, really being present for one another and raising up the love we have for one another,” Swiderski said.

Swiderski’s dad is a retired Chicago police officer and while this hits close to home, it doesn’t get any closer than for those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty.

Donna Marquez — whose brother was killed in the line of duty — was with Vásquez Lasso’s family in the aftermath.

“I just shared with his wife and I held her and I said ‘You have to hold on to God. Just hold on to God,'” Donna said.

Donna’s brother, Donald Marquez, was shot several times and killed while serving a warrant on a 77-year-old man in 2002.

She knows the department and the family of the fallen officer need all of the support they can get right now in a time where she says everything is a blur.

“Officer Ella, this is her district also and these officers, still, a year and a half later, the loss has impacted their lives,” Marquez said. “It’s so hard.”

Danny Vargas said he is heartbroken over the news and wanted to drop off flowers Friday night for the men and woman Vásquez Lasso served with.

“I felt like I had to come and pay my respect to the fallen officer and other fallen officers that have gone down in the line of duty,” Vargas said. “I just feel like they need our support right now as they always do. They have a very dangerous job, as they always do, so I like to show them my support. Even though I don’t live in the city anymore, I want to show them my support and I’ve got their backs.”

On Friday, the body of Vásquez Lasso was escorted to Blake-Lamb Funeral Home in Oak Lawn as people lined the road to pay their respects.