Community helps stop looters from getting into Roseland donut shop


CHICAGO — For nearly 50 years, the Old Fashioned Donuts Shop has been part of the Roseland neighborhood. On Sunday, looters tried to break in, but the community wouldn’t allow it.

There is usually a line at the shop at 113th and South Michigan Avenue from the moment it opens — it’s a staple of the community. So, when a couple of people tried to break in on Sunday after citywide protests turned into riots, an employee and some residents from the neighborhood stepped in to guard the shop.

“They broke the window and when they broke the window, a lady grabbed on to them and said, ‘You ain’t going no where,’” owner Buret Bullock said. “They pulled over and they took off and they didn’t come back.”

A GoFundMe Page was set up and the donations added up.

“Having this place still in business, it’s just an icon for the black community. It says a lot. We can’t lose this place,” Fred Doss, a customer said.

The shop was closed on Monday, but on Tuesday, they were back to serving fresh donuts.


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