Community comes together to help find man accused of driving truck that hit Andrew Holmes’ sister


CHICAGO — Chicago police have arrested a man accused of driving a pickup truck that hit the sister of community activist Andrew Holmes two weeks ago.

Holmes is used to asking residents to come forward so police can catch the bad guys, and on Jan. 29 he needed their help in finding the person who hit his 57-year-old sister Cassandra Holmes as she was walking across 74th Street at Martin Luther King Drive.

“The car had stopped to let the individuals by but the car that stopped behind it struck and hit her and she rolled and landed here,” Holmes said.

Cassandra Holmes broke her leg in two places and dislocated her knee after the incident. A good Samaritan took a picture of the truck and license plate and passed it along. Holmes got a tip about where the guys may work — an appliance store just five blocks away. He then staked the place out for three days and got video from a corner gas station of the truck he believes was involved.

“One person came up to me and said, ‘The people you’re looking for are right there in that store,'” he said.

Holmes was able to lead police to one of the men allegedly involved who’s now in custody.

“The community has to get involved in helping the detectives and the police because you may get something that they may not have and what you give to them may be the piece to the puzzle,” he said.

Holmes believes that person of interest will be charged soon and two other people could be arrested as well.


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