College student used Ebola quarantine story as excuse to miss class

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Students were quarantined at a Southern California community college after a student made up a story about possible Ebola exposure.

According to KSWB, a student told an instructor that she and her family had been quarantined after recently traveling to the Midwest — a story she made up so she wouldn’t be dropped for missing class, school officials said.

The student reported she wasn’t feeling well and her sister had flu-like symptoms.

As a precaution, students and staff who came in contact with the female student were quarantined.

Safety alerts were sent via text to all students and staff.

The school’s nurse was also brought in to diagnose the student who reported Ebola exposure. After having no symptoms of Ebola, the student recanted her story.

School officials reported their findings to county health officials, who verified they were no cases of patients with Ebola-like symptoms anywhere in the county.

The student will face consequences for lying and could face charges.


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