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Imagine scrolling down the catalog of college courses and seeing “The Business of Craft Beer.” It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear the classes have been packed full since College of DuPage began offering the course three years ago.  What is surprising is just how much those students have walked away with and in many cases, how it’s changed their career paths all together.

“We have a number of folks who took classes and went off to have their own breweries and now we’re able to take our students and help feed them employees to work at their breweries,” COD program manager, Danielle Kuglin Seago, said.

Read the following information from the college’s website:

The Business of Craft Beer program at College of DuPage is one of only a handful in the nation. And while, they do some beer swigging, that’s just a small part of what’s on tap. Courses are taught by industry experts and include guest speakers and hands-on experiences at local breweries. There are two tracks within for students to choose from: Entrepreneurship or Industry Professional. Many of their alumni are currently working in the industry as either owners or professionals in a variety of roles. So while it’s a novelty to take a college beer course, the need for industry professionals is real. There are currently over 5000 independent breweries in the U.S., with another 2,700 plus in planning. If you want to know more about College of DuPage’s Business of Craft Beer Courses: