Cohen’s attorney Michael Monico says congressional hearings ‘went very well’

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WASHINGTON — While Michael Cohen spent hours answering questions in front of Congress Wednesday, he was never more than an ear shot from his highly skilled lawyers— arguably the best counsel money can buy.

His attorneys included Lanny Davis, lawyer to the Clintons, and Chicago attorney Michael Monico who was over his shoulder every minute of the day. Monico spoke with WGN News after the hearings.

“It went very well I think. It went very well. He answered the questions truthfully. I think they will find he is truthful,” Monico said.

Monico said Wednesday’s hearings were reminiscent of the Watergate hearings in 1973 when John Dean, White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon, was on the hot seat.

Monico said he was not happy with the inescapable partisan tone in the room all day.

Monico said the hearings were exhausting. He sat through a full day of closed door session in Washington D.C. Tuesday and was up until 11 p.m. that night preparing for Wednesday’s monster congressional session before the cameras—but he knows what the really big cases require.

As a former assistant U.S. attorney, Monico has worked on everything from Operation Greylord to the Tylenol letter-writer case. This case involving a convicted lawyer from New York and the president of the United States took him to the nation’s capitol.

Monico said he was pleased with his client’s testimony Wednesday. He did not want to discuss anything to do with a separate investigation going on in the southern district of New York.

“I think Michael is pleased, he’s humbled. He’s appreciative of fact that Congressman Cummings gave him the opportunity. It’s disappointing when Republicans one after the other don’t ask any questions about what happened,” he said.

He continued to maintain that while a lot of other figures, including the president, were named Wednesday, Cohen is the only one headed to jail.


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