Closing arguments in Trump trial

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Attorneys are giving closing arguments Wednesday in the case involving real estate mogul Donald Trump and 87-year old Jacqueline Goldberg.

Goldberg’s lawyers say this is not a case of breach of contract.  Instead, they say it’s a case of consumer fraud and deceptive practices as well as a violation of the Interstate Land Sales Act.

Goldberg bought two condos at Trump Towers in 2006 for $1 million a piece. She says they were an investment.

Goldberg’s attorneys say the incentives in the contract basically called for condo owners to share in the profits from hotel health clubs, laundry rooms, meeting rooms and ballrooms.

Trump’s attorneys say the contract also reserved the right for them to change the terms of the amenities.

Goldberg is suing to get out of the original contract.  She wants the $500,000 she put down on the condos and no less than $5 million in punitive damages.

After closing arguments, jurors will be given instructions from the judge and then begin deliberations.


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