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CHICAGO — The fate of a woman in prison for a double murder now rests with the Prisoner Review Board and Governor Pritzker.

49 year-old Marilyn Mulero had her clemency hearing on Wednesday morning. She claims she’s innocent.

She’s been behind bars for 28 years. She was just 21 years-old when she confessed to involvement in the murders of two gang members in Humboldt Park.

Her co-codefendant has since admitted to both killings.

Advocates claim former detectives Reynaldo Guevara and Ernest Halvorsen intimidated and interrogated her for more than 20 hours, which produced the false confession. Their misconduct is linked to 19 exonerations in the past decade.

“She had no idea that those men we’re going to get shot,” an Innocence Project attorney said during the hearing.

In rebuttal, the State’s Attorney’s office and relatives of the men killed argued for denial of clemency. They questioned why Mulero was out that night with known gang members.

The Board’s eventual recommendation will go to Governor Pritzker, who will be under no time constraints.

Mulero is currently housed at the Logan Correctional Center downstate.