CHICAGO — A light is being shined on CPR after the lead trainer for the Buffalo Bills performed CPR on Damar Hamlin.

Doctors said his decisive actions helped save the player’s life.

Emergency room doctors and nurses at Swedish Hospital on the North Side of Chicago and across the country are pleased to see the focus on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, known as CPR.

Dr. Ben Flagel, the medical director of emergency medicine at Chicago’s Swedish Hospital, said he sees cardiac arrest patients most days.

“Out of hospital cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sudden death in the community,” he said.

The medical community is praising the quick work of Buffalo Bills trainer Danny Kellington who so vividly illustrated the critical importance of CPR after he restored Hamlin’s heartbeat Monday night.

Cheryl Rodriguez is the hospital’s Bystander CPR training program.

It’s offered free of charge to groups and shows them to save lives.

Felecia Stewart remembers the pain of losing her son, John Stewart, at an Indiana basketball game in 1999.

There was no defibrillator to revive him.

“He just got done doing a shot and he called timeout,” Felecia said. “He sat on the bench and collapsed.”

She created a foundation in his name.

The foundation works to put ED machines in high schools.