City prepared to pay $33 million in police misconduct settlements

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The City of Chicago is preparing to pay nearly $33 million dollars in settlements to two victims of police misconduct.

$22.5 million may go to the family of Christina Eilman.

Eilman was arrested in 2006 after she had a bipolar breakdown at Midway Airport.

Chicago police later released her in a high-crime neighborhood.

Eilman was raped and was thrown or fell from the seventh floor window of a high rise apartment building. Eilman suffered permanent brain damage and required 24-hour care at her parent’s home in California.

There’s also a proposed $10.2 million settlement for Alton Logan. Logan spent 26 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.

Logan claims former Police Commander Jon Burge and a team of detectives hid evidence that would have cleared him.

Chicago’s city council will review the settlements today.


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