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The city hits a milestone on Chicago’s roadways today, the hundred-thousandth pothole patched. 


A big number.  Unfortunately, it’s just a drop in the bucket this year


This is where city crews will be tomorrow working both ways on Fullerton west of Damen. 


They’re making progress, but they have their work cut out for them right now, and they’re not the only ones.


They’re putting in some long hours these days at Lucas Tires.  “You can see where he hit it right here, says Rich Lucas.


Adding hours and shifts to fix our smashed rims.  Most nights, they’re open until ten p.m.


And yes, this is the reason. The worst pothole season Rich Lucas has seen, in, well- ever.


And it’s not just bad roads, it’s a one-two punch of potholes and road salt rims that are already corroding and breaking down.


So these days, drivers who limp into the shop on flats are getting the full treatment, corroded wheels are ground

down and cleaned then treated with a sealant.


That’s if they can be fixed.  Often rims worth hundreds of dollars are reduced to scrap metal.  

And that scrap is piling up.