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CHICAGO — The city has decided not to sue the estate of a teenager shot and killed by a police officer.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the move callous, and the mother of the boy says the city just keeps pouring salt into her wounds.

The about-face came swiftly from city hall. The mayor says he put a stop to the lawsuit as soon as he heard about it.

Quintonio LeGrier, 19, was shot and killed in 2015 by Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo the day after Christmas on his front porch, not long after the teen had called 911 for help. Police say he was swinging a bat at the officer.

When Rialmo shot and killed LeGrier he also shot and killed his downstairs neighbor, Bettie Jones. Rialmo is not facing criminal charges; in an unusual move, the city was set to sue the LeGrier estate.


In the suit, which was dropped Friday, the city makes the case that LeGrier caused Jones’s death. Any money won from his estate could have been used to defray any cost the city would pay out to the Jones family.

The mayor said he had no prior knowledge of the lawsuit. LeGrier’s family attorney takes the mayor at his word but still can’t believe it was considered.

And in another unusual move in this case, Officer Rialmo is suing the LeGrier estate and the city. Yesterday, his attorney told the Chicago Tribune the city’s suit helps back up the officer’s account. The attorney confirmed that information to WGN Friday.

The mayor says he called the teen’s father, but not his mother, to explain the lawsuit. He says Quintonio’s father accepted his apology.

The lawsuits in the case should head to court this summer.