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CHICAGO — Despite the president’s action today, the City Council voted to reaffirm Chicago’s status as a “sanctuary city,” which provides some protection against deportation for undocumented immigrants.

President Donald Trump cracked down on sanctuary cities like Chicago and signed an executive order today that could block federal funding.

“We are going to get the bad ones out,” Trump said. “The day is over where they can stay in our country. We are going to get them out and we are going to get them out fast.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he hasn’t read the specific wording of the president’s executive order, but Chicago will remain a sanctuary city.

Trump is also moving to fulfill his controversial campaign promise to build a wall. He says American taxpayers will foot the bill, first, Mexico, later. Though Mexico’s president says his country won’t pay for it.

A coalition of Chicago immigrants’ rights activists held a press conference today and vow to fight the president’s hard-line immigration measures.
Trump is expected to take more executive action this week to restrict the flow of refugees, which could also include a temporary ban on people from some Muslim countries.

It’s unclear how much federal funding Chicago could stand to lose as a sanctuary city…but some aldermen said today they would not give in to threats.