CICERO, Ill. — The Cicero town president is under fire for calling Dr. Fauci an “idiot” and a “communist.”

The comments, which were first reported by reported by the publication Cicero Independiente, came at a recent public board hearing in which town president Larry Dominick discussed his confusion regarding changes in public health safety protocols.

“One thing I don’t understand is they say ‘get your shots’ and then that idiot Dr. Fauci says you have to wear a mask, first time came out, he said you don’t wear any masks because masks are no good, but then he went to two masks, then back to one. He said ‘get your shots’ and then ‘you don’t have to wear a mask.’ They don’t know what they’re doing, he’s probably a communist,” Dominick said.

At the same meeting, a picture of town trustee Larry Banks was displayed. Banks served Cicero for 11 years and died on Jan. 7 of COVID-19.

Leslie Cortez, who is part of a multi-generational collective was at the meeting, said those words coming from leadership is disheartening.

“It tells me that he doesn’t care and that he and all the town officials they don’t care about the safety of the Latinx community members here and when he makes a statement about Fauci he’s really telling us how he is going about COVID safety measures and initiatives,” she said.

Cortez said she and others are working to improve the vaccination rate in the town and are fundraising to get more N95 masks.

A spokesperson for Dominick said that the comments were meant to keep things light at the end of the meeting and he stands by what he said in his criticism of Fauci. The spokesperson shared that Dominick feels it’s been hard for people to get a consistent message from Fauci.

Throughout much of the pandemic, Cicero’s case rate has been significantly above the rest of suburban Cook County, while its vaccination rate has lagged behind.

A spokesperson for the Town of Cicero said they have distributed thousands of face masks to every house and apartment encouraging vaccination.

Audio recording of the meeting was provided by Cicero Independiente and pictures of the meeting were provided Jesus J. Montero