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They grew up in a bygone era of sports.  A time where professional athletes were accessible. Twin brothers Tony and Carl Ruzicka from Cicero say all it took was a bit of ingenuity that allowed them to meet many of their favorite sports heroes.  

They are lifelong Chicago sports fans with as many stories to match their impressive collection of memorabilia.

They’ve documented those tales in their book, “The Twins: A Journey of a Lifetime.” 

In it, the two share their stories of a the era and the friendships they’ve cultivated as a result of two, 12-year-old boys’ passion for sports.    

Before heading to Yale, the boys worked as clubhouse boys for the Chicago Bears in 1963. After graduation, they ran an accounting firm serving several nonprofits organizations. But they always stayed connected to the world of sports. 

Years later,  the duo joined the committee to organize Chicago’s first marathon. 

The Ruzickas have definitely left their mark in Chicago’s sports history.  They are Chicago’s Very Own.