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CHICAGO — The outside pressures of motherhood are tough enough to begin with, but one South suburban mom said there are added challenges for Black mothers that cause many of them to suffer in silence.

Lavelle Smith Hall, a Black mother to her son Alec, 22, and her daughter Braelyn, 16, is one of those Black mothers who has struggled at times to find the best way to navigate raising her children.

“I have an African American son, I have a black male son and systemic racism was happening,” Hall said. “George Floyd was happening and Ahmaud Arbery was happening … and it piled up on top of everything else.”

This, and the sudden death of a few close friends, led Hall to become a certified mental health coach and found MOMLogics, a company designed to “empower Black moms with the best parenting strategies” so they can enjoy better relationships with their children, spouses, and families.

Among the services and events MOMLogics offers is Mama Well Wednesdays, a meeting of the minds where mothers are able to promote Black maternal wellness, share family secrets to parenting, and help support one another.

“We’re able to discuss things that are hot topics, whether it’s what’s happening in your community or what’s happening in your home or with your family,” Hall said.

Hall also offers parental coaching and other forms of mental support through the company that emphasize mothers prioritizing their own wellbeing, even though they may feel the need to play supermom and take care of everyone else’s problems before their own.

“We all have something that we can connect with,” said Ericka Harris, who does outreach for the company. “The fact that we love our children, but we also have to learn to love ourselves in the same way [is important].”

If you are a Black mother struggling with parenting or looking for support, you can set up 1-on-1 meetings with Hall or join the MOMLogics community on the company’s website.

If I can make a difference in the lives of even just one mom,” Hall said. “I feel like I’ve done something great for those women and the moms that raised me.”

Lavelle Smith Hall, she is one of Chicago’s Very Own.