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CHICAGO — For one Chicago man, it is his mission to commemorate the service of his brother.

In August 2004, John Gordon’s younger brother Michael was on patrol for the 11th District when his vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. At the age of 30, Michael Gordon was killed with his partner being seriously injured.

Every year since, John Gordon has hosted an annual “Roof Raiser” fundraising event in his brother’s honor.

“You don’t hear a lot about that officer, you hear about a week of steady news coverage and I didn’t want that for my brother,” said Gordon. “And [here] we are, 18 years later still getting his name out there.”

The fundraiser took place last Sunday, Aug. 7, and raised over $11,000 in donations.

The Gordon family also established the Michael P. Gordon foundation back in 2005, and while the foundation’s original goal was to support the families of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, it has also taken on the idea of supporting education.

Danielle Cusumano, a recent graduate from Lewis University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, received a scholarship from the foundation.

“I felt [Michael] accomplished so much in his 30 years of life,” said Cusumano. “And I was grateful they were donating to someone who wanted to pursue criminal justice.”

The foundation also stepped in and helped pay for the private school education of Cicero police officer Eddie Garcia’s four children when he and his wife were struggling financially during COVID.

“They actually paid for almost two years of tuition,” said Garcia.

To date, the foundation has donated more than $200,000 assisting more than a dozen students and families of law enforcement.

For more information on the Michael P. Gordon Foundation, you can visit their website.