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Christine Zigmont, 63, might be the biggest White Sox fan ever.

“From the time I was a very young, young girl, my mother and me would watch the White Sox games on TV; when I was young, we would make up our homemade scorecards,” Zigmont said.

The Orland Park resident grew up by Midway Airport on Chicago’s South Side. And as tradition has it, for the most part, North Siders root for the Cubs and South Siders are Sox fans, but not in her house.

“And it was kind of funny because my dad was a die-hard Cub fan. So we always had a little bit of a rivalry going on but it was a fun thing,” she said.

Zigmont remained a die-hard Sox fan after growing up. And in 1971, when she was 21, the Olympic Savings and Loan in Berwyn advertised in the local paper that the team was starting a contest for ladies who wanted to become a Soxette.

“It wasn’t just a matter of just sending in a picture — you had to actually write why and you had to show that you had some knowledge of sports,” She explained.

Zigmont nailed it. For 4 seasons, she, along with the other Soxettes,  were ever present at the games, in their mini skirt uniforms.

She made TV appearances, travelled with the team and went with the players on school visits to mingle with the kids — that was her favorite part.

“God, their faces would just light up that these White Sox players were showing them how to play baseball,” she said.

When the  Savings and Loan started another contest, this time for Chicago Bulls cheerleaders, well, Zigmont entered again, and won. She did that for 12 years, until leaving to raise a family.

It’s pretty clear Zigmont is a Chicago sports fan — even doing a stint with the old Chicago Cougars hockey team, helping to promote the team as a Cougar Kitten.

She’s passed on her passion for sports to her daughter, Amanda, just like her mom did with her. And the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

“I know their batting averages, RBIs, runs, all that, home runs, and just always running through my head as I’m watching the game,” Amanda said.

Last June, the White Sox honored it’s 1972 team on the field. Out there front and center was Christine Zigmont — the only Soxette there.

“It was pretty thrilling after all those years for them to say, ‘Yea, come on…we still want you to be a part of it,'” Christine Zigmont said.

In recent years, Zigmont has been a part of the White Sox Volunteer Corp, giving back to the community.

“She’s always loved giving back and, you know, it’s always helped her and everything to feel better about herself and everything,” Amanda Zigmont said.

“I mean I loved all the teams, I’m a real sports person. The White Sox were, they were my love because like I said I was raised being a White Sox fan,” Christine Zigmont said.

Christine Zigmont, Sox fan: She’s one of Chicago’s Very Own.