Chicago woman starts ‘cancer commentaries’ page to inspire others

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CHICAGO – A woman who has battled cancer nearly her entire adult life started a Facebook page to inspire others battling the disease.

Last summer, Paula Labree decided to share her decades-long journey with cancer on Facebook

She started the page “cancer commentaries” to document her battle with cancer since she was 26.

“Today, I am coming out of the closet, the Cancer Closet that is,” Labree said in her first video.

In 1980, Labree was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Doctors told her intense radiation treatments would lead to lifelong health problems.

“13 surgeries, I have had malignant melanoma, I had breast cancer stage 3 in 2010,” said Labree. “2017 breast cancer stage 4, open heart surgery.”

In 2017, she was given less than two years to live and started to explore a form of Chinese medicine called qi-gong. That’s when things started to turn around, she said.

“Boy, when you start understanding how the energy within your body connects to the thoughts that are in your mind, you start to feel pretty powerful,” Labree said.

She credits that positivity and gratitude for overcoming many health hurdles. Labree said after two an a half years of stage 4 breast cancer, her screenings are cancer-free.

On her Facebook page, she posts inspirational videos with tips for her followers.

She talks about nearly everything, from healthy eating to dealing with chemo.

“At least I can get on Facebook,” said Labree. “Share my experiences and try to promote to other people is that if I can do this, so can they.”

She doesn’t claim to be a medical expert by any means, she just draws on her personal experience to encourage others to do the best they can to have a quality life.


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