Chicago’s Very Own: Dr. Theri Raby

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Many of us grew up with traditional home remedies for treating common maladies.  Some Latino families have a tradition of using the Yerberia , or herb store, as their farmacia, or pharmacy.  In my Mexican-American family, we turned to my mom’s mom Mi Abuelita  who knew a whole slew of natural treatments for everything from headaches  to stomach upset and menstrual cramps to urinary tract infections.

A Chicago internist with Mexican roots, Doctor Theri Griego Raby, is combining her M.D. training with holistic approaches.  Rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Raby says she builds relationships with her patients trying to understand how best to treat the whole person.

Theri Griego Raby, M.D., Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine:  “Culturally, spiritually, emotionally, nutrients, food, sleep, relationship – all that is part of who we are as people.”

Dr. Elisa P. Bell, patient:  “The best I’ve felt in some time – and it’s a good feeling to feel healthy.”

Dr. Raby is an M.D. specializing in internal medicine.  She grew up in Albuquerque and credits her Mexican roots and Native American influences with instilling her with an appreciation for diet and spirituality’s roles in health and well-being.

Theri Griego Raby, M.D,:  “I’m going to use the best evidence-based medicine – whether it’s recommending fish oil versus an ace inhibitor for high blood pressure – versus magnesium versus Vitamin D.”

Some of Dr. Raby’s patients have been with her for decades

Cheryl Roman, Raby Institute Patient:  “A lot of doctors would opt for surgery – massage— mmhmm, exactly.”

Dr. Raby develops individualized treatments for patients – and approach some patients say they appreciate.

Cheryl Roman: “She reaches out and she really gets to the root of the problem.  She will work on it and get to the root of whatever you need.”

Dr. Raby says it’s a purposeful approach, aimed not just at treating her patients but educating them.

Theri Griego Raby, M.D.:  “To each people how to empower themselves in order to create health and wellbeing for themselves at all levels – spiritually, energetically, physiologically, biochemically, energetically – all of it.”

Dr. Theri Raby, One of Chicago’s Very Own.

The Raby Institute is at 500 Michigan Avenue.


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