Chicago’s Very Own: Demarre McGill

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The Brothers McGill:  Demarre and Anthony, are two very successful classical musicians whose music is mesmerizing.

Demarre is principal flutist at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  Younger brother Anthony, is principal clarinetist at the Metropolitan Opera.

These impressive young men are two out of the 4% of musicians in national orchestras who are African American or Latino.

And they were home grown on Chicago’s South Side.

Their parents are Demarre McGill Sr. and his wife Ira Carol.

The retired firefighter and his wife, a retired educator,  mortgaged their home 5 times. But when these prodigies were born, the couple promised each other they’d spare no expense to raise successful men.

The boys didn’t disappoint.

Throughout the years, they’ve  won numerous awards and achieved success in classical music.   Anthony even performed at President Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

But the road success wasn’t easy.

The South Side of Chicago had many temptations.

The McGill’s say they applied what they call their 25 principles to help raise the kids.

You’ll find those principles, in McGill’s new book:  A Father’s Triumphant Story. Raising successful African American men in Contemporary Urban Times.

And the proof is in the pudding. Demarre McGill, he’s one of Chicago’s very ow


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