Chicago’s Toy and Game Fair underway at Navy Pier

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CHICAGO– The Toy and Game Fair is open to the public and runs until 6:00 p.m. Saturday and from 10:00 -5:00 Sunday at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall.

Admission is five dollars for kids and $10 for adults.

When the holidays are so close– and the toys are this close– is it any wonder why we can find so many emotions at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

JJ Medina is one of the kids who came to see for himself. The newest games his favorite—Star Wars.

“I want to try it all out.  You want to try it all out?  Yeah, I wish there was a thousand of me,” JJ said.

Might as well be, with so much here from a galaxy far, far away. But in addition to all of the high-tech gadgets, there is so much here that is quite the opposite.

Sarah Furay, Goliath Games said “This all seems to be decidedly low-tech.  Yes, we feel that there’s so much technology in the world that parents want to unplug.  They want to connect with their family.  They want to take the phones and turn them off and really make memories with their family and that’s what we’re all about. 11

Back to basics in a brand new way– from doodles to Tonka trucks, both small and big, it’s a maze of playtime, that’s also big business.


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