Chicago’s Puerto Rican community celebrates resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló

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CHICAGO — Many people in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community are celebrating Thursday morning after the island’s embattled governor announced his resignation. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced that he will resign Aug. 2. Massive crowds on the streets of old San Juan celebrated the announcement Wednesday night. The governor’s resignation comes after more than a week of protests in Puerto Rico’s capitol. Protesters have been calling for him to step down after offensive messages between Rosselló and his inner circle went public. They included profanity as well as jokes about Hurricane Maria victims. In the video message, Rosselló indicated that remaining governor was not a viable option. “Despite having the mandate of the people who elected me democratically, today I feel that remaining in this position represents a difficulty to continue the success that’s been reached,” Rosselló said in the video.
Jessie Fuentes, co-chair of Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago, said the governor “has robbed the people of millions of dollars from being able to rebuild after Hurricane Maria we have to be sure that whoever assumes the seat of governorship that they utilize the funds appropriately and rebuild Puerto Rico the way people deserve and more importantly the debt has to be audited.” Secretary Justice Wanda Vazquez is expected to take over as governor, but many people are not happy with her and want her to step aside.


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