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CHICAGO — A youth football coach was shot and killed Thursday morning outside of his home in the Oakland neighborhood while he was getting ready to take his daughter to school, family and police said.

Chicago police said Jermone Baker was shot and killed around 6:30 a.m. in the 700 block of 38th Place by someone who got out of a car and started shooting.

“He was the strongest, most genuine, loving, caring, ambitious,” Tishara Woodward said. “He was so motivated. He wanted to help everybody.”

Woodward said there aren’t enough words to perfectly describe the type of person Baker was to friends and family.

“He was such a great person, like a great man, a father,” she said.

Baker, 34, is a father of five kids and shares three with Woodward.

She said the kids are taking his loss the hardest and are living in the middle of a nightmare.

“Yesterday was our son’s birthday so it was even harder,” Woodward said.

While Baker was proud to hold the title of dad, he took pride in being known as Coach Mone in the community.

“Back in 2021, he was like ‘I want to start a football youth foundation… I just want to give back to the kids,” Woodward said.

Being on the field brought the greatest joy to Baker.

Young players on the Seahawks Youth Football Team counted on him as a role model and father figure.

“He was trying to save the youth and tragically this happened to him,” Woodward said. “He was on his way to take his daughter to school. This is what he did, his daily routine.”

Those who loved Baker are in disbelief, but above all, Woodward wants people to remember him for his huge heart and dedication to his family and community.

No arrests have been made and police are still investigating.

The Chicago Seahawks are planning to honor Baker with a balloon release before their game on Saturday at Ogden Park.

They are asking those who come to wear blue and green.