CHICAGO — Two cleanup crew workers following a deadly high-rise fire last week in Kenwood allegedly stole from a unit.

Jose Gamboa, 26, and Anger Jose Uzcátegui Pacheco, 20, are facing burglary charges after a fire encompassing nine floors at the Harper Square Cooperative, located in the 4800 block of South Lake Park, Wednesday morning.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the workers allegedly stole $19,000 and jewelry from a woman’s unit, who was out of town at the time.

The owner reportedly received a notification from the camera that there was movement inside of her apartment. When she took a look, she saw two men.

The men were hired through a temp agency by the fire restoration company to help with clean up.

According to the CPD report, a supervisor for A-Emergency Services and Restoration helped identify the men and said that they were told not to go into any of the units.

Both men are due back in court next week.