CHICAGO — Evelyn O’Connor said she was sucker punched in the face Thursday by a man she didn’t know, adding that she was not the lone victim.

While O’Connor says she is recovering physically, the entire ordeal has been traumatic.

“It comes in waves. I’m thinking, I have a family, I have my kids surrounding me with love,” O’Connor said. “I’ve been a lifelong Chicagoan. It’s really scary to now be some victim of a crime of this caliber.”

O’Connor said she decided to run to Marshall’s at the corner of N. Rush Street and E. Ontario Street while on her lunch break. Around 1:45 p.m., as she walked across Rush Street after leaving the store, she said she noticed a man standing still.

“My gut kind of went into a place of something doesn’t feel right,” O’Connor said. “He was standing perfectly still at the end, like I was going to meet him there. I was like, ‘I don’t know this person.'”

As she approached the end of the crosswalk, O’Connor said she went to step around the man and he took a swing at her, completely unprovoked, causing her vision to go blurry and knock her off guard.

“For that split second, I was able to turn my head and he punched me in the side of the face, flew into a tree, gathered myself and said a whole bunch of expletives and he just kind of walked off like nothing happened,” O’Connor said.

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O’Connor said the offender then made his way across the street, allegedly assaulting another woman.

“He screamed back at me after I screamed at him and then he proceeded to assault another woman on the other side of the street, taking her belongings, throwing it to the ground, and pushing her. He continued walking and the further he walked, you could hear screams going down the street and we were just sitting there waiting for a police officer to just come to help,” O’Connor said.

She added that bystanders aided her and police were called, but after 20 minutes of waiting, she decided to leave the area out of concern the man could come back. She filed a police report Friday at a nearby police station.

“I’m doing this, just hoping people, like I did today, file a police report once I was able to get my mind about me. Keep reporting. The more you keep reporting, the more something’s going to be done,” O’Connor said.

Though shaken up by the ordeal, O’Connor said she is thankful for friends and family who have checked in to see if she’s OK, including her brother, Dan Butterworth, who took to social media to share information on the assault and his concerns.

“It wasn’t an isolated incident. It happened to two women, at one intersection, at one corner. It obviously could happen again. I wanted to help get the word out, see if we could get a description and hold them accountable,” said Butterworth.

Although Butterworth is running for a spot on one of the newly created police district councils, he told WGN his message isn’t political; it’s about raising awareness.

“I think what struck me the most is this happens probably a lot more than we care to admit, or we can even, based off of data, simply in the fact it’s not reported,” Butterworth said. “I wanted to strongly encourage her to do that because if you don’t make that report, it doesn’t show up in the data. A lot of people think calling 911 is a crime. Calling 911 doesn’t equate to a crime being committed. It’s just a call for service. You actually have to have an officer show up and give you a report number for that to actually be logged.”

Although O’Connor said she was completely aware of her surroundings at the time of the alleged assault, she said it still happened, so she wants to encourage people to be vigilant and report something if they see something.

CPD confirmed Area Three Detectives are investigating the alleged assault. It’s not clear whether the other victim of the alleged assault O’Connor witnessed reported it to the police.

O’Connor described the man she said assaulted her as a male, about 6 feet tall, wearing a jacket with yellow reflective borders on the back and on the arms.

WGN also spoke to area businesses Friday, attempting to obtain surveillance video of the incident. It’s unclear whether it was recorded. However, a camera is on the street light pole at the intersection.