Woman carjacked at gunpoint in front of North Kenwood home caught on video

Chicago Crime

CHICAGO — A woman held at gunpoint and then carjacked late August spoke out Thursday night about the terrifying ordeal.

Adrienne Miguest recalled the moment she knew she was in trouble.  

“It’s really scary, all the craziness in the city,” Miguest said. “Something has got to be done.” 

Newly-released footage from a neighbor’s doorbell camera showed the moment two men approached Miguest on Aug. 26 on 4500 block of South Ellis Avenue.

“After dropping my daughter off at Soldiers Field for the Kanye [West] concert, I pulled up, not in front of my home, but about five to six doors south of my home on the opposite side of the street,” Miguest said.

Miguest, who was driving her daughter’s car, said as she was pulling up, she noticed two people heading towards her. 

“When I went to exit, I was reaching in the back seat to get my purse,” Miguest said. “A young guy approached me from the rear of the car with a gun and told me to give up the keys.”

Miguest complied, throwing the car key and her cellphone on the ground.  

“The guy was having a tough time pulling off,” Miguest said. “I’m standing, watching him.”

Moments later, the pair sped off, leaving a stunned Miguest standing in the street.  

“It was shocking,” Miguest said. “It was shocking.”

Miguest said she called her daughter as soon as she got inside her home. Her daughter was able to track the car on her phone. It had been dumped about eight miles away in the 8400 block of South Parnell Avenue in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. But in the 20 minutes or so it was missing, thousands of dollars worth of damage had been done.  

“It was an expensive joy ride,” Miguest said. “They did about $15,000 worth of damage to her car.”

After watching the video back, Miguest knows things could have been a lot worse.

“I started crying,” she said. “It was like I was reliving it. It was scary.”

She said it’s now painful to feel safe anywhere.  

“I’ve been on this block more than 20 years,” Miguest said. “Never thought twice about pulling up late at night and getting out of the car. The things I would normally take for granted, I don’t do anymore.”

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