CHICAGO — A 53-year-old woman was carjacked while stopped at a red light in the Loop.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. Friday in the 100 block of North State as Yesjadwiga Wanda Lokaj was leaving work. Police said Lokaj was stopped at a red light when a man opened her car door and implied a weapon.

Her son said Lokaj put up a fight with the man and noticed he had no weapon. The man then forced her out of the vehicle.

The man fled the scene in her 2008 grey Lexus SUV.

Lokaj’s son said there was also a co-worker of Lokaj in the backseat when the incident happened. Both Lokaj and the other woman are shaken up, but are not injured.

“My mom being my mom – she’s a European woman – so she honestly started fighting with him as he was trying to get her out of the vehicle,” son Kamil Lokaj said.

Police have not yet provided a description of the offender.

According to CPD, there have been 459 reported carjackings so far this year with 77 people being charged with vehicular hijacking.

Politicians from City Hall to the State Capitol are feeling the heat. State Senator Kimberly Lightford recounted her own experience this week in Springfield as a carjacking victim.

She and her husband were driving last December in suburban Broadview when four gunman tried to steal their rented SUV. The senator ran as her husband, who had a gun, got into a shootout with the carjackers.

“I was terrified and I believe I stopped breathing,” she said. “I thought with every step I would be hit by a bullet in my back. I knew they’d kill my husband. There was lots of shooting going on.”

Lightford and fellow democrats are backing a series of bills that would help police track stolen cars and waive red light and speed camera fines on a vehicle after its carjacked.

But Republicans say that doesn’t go nearly far enough. They’re calling for a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison for carjackers on up to life in prison.

No one is in custody. Area Three detectives are investigating.