CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department sent out another crime alert to the West Side community Monday, warning businesses that bars, restaurants and taverns have been a target of more than a dozen break-ins since mid-April.

Chicago police said at least 13 incidents have been reported since April 15, with each happening in the early morning hours and in many cases, unknown suspects throw a brick through a window to get inside of the establishment.

A map of the 13 break-ins listed in the community alert sent out by CPD.

Last week, WGN reported on several bars and restaurants that were victimized in the same manner, including the Cobra Lounge — which experienced two break-ins during April, the latest featuring a thief who stole two cash drawers — and the Irish Nobleman Pub, whose robbery was partially thwarted after the bar owner’s wife yelled at the male suspect over a two-way radio, chasing him off.

Since then, several more businesses have been hit, according to CPD. Candy’s Grocery, found on West Ohio Street in West Town, said they were burglarized in a similar manner on April 14, with several people smashing through the front door before making their way inside around 5 a.m.

“We noticed they had grabbed the register and threw it on the floor and broke everything and then they stole a bunch of things here,” said Adriana Alcala Markese, owner of Candy’s Grocery. “They damaged our warmer, just a bunch of random things. They were in and out in five minutes.”

Back at the Irish Nobleman Pub, which is a stone’s throw away from Candy’s Grocery, owner Declan Morgan is weighing different security options.

“We’ve got maintenance guys here reinforcing the locks and the city’s asked us to get riot glass installed,” Morgan said. “We’re pricing that out. I think that’s north of $20,000. We’re a small business. We can’t afford that.”

Morgan said they have hired extra security guards on top of reinforcing the locks at the Irish Nobleman Pub — but just in the past week — he said several other businesses have been victimized in the area, and he’s worried the people responsible for the last break-in at his business could make another attempt in the future.

If you or someone you know has information that can help police make a breakthrough in the investigation of these break-ins, CPD encourages you to reach out to Area Three Bureau of Detectives at 312-744-8263.

The full CPD alert is attached below:

Credit: Tom Ahern – CPD News Affairs