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CHICAGO – A vigil was held Tuesday night to honor rideshare drivers who have been carjacked.

These rideshare drivers said they are desperate for change because they shouldn’t have to risk their lives for their livelihoods.

On Tuesday evening, drivers represented by the Independent Drivers Guild went to both Uber and Lyft’s Chicago offices – posting a letter demanding the companies improve safety.

Their biggest ask is that the apps require passengers to upload photos of their IDs or take a selfie before each ride, so there’s documentation of who got in the car.

“I am telling you from the bottom of my heart that we need to do something that we cannot have any more of this application being such an inviting tool to use against us,” Leonard Sanchez with the Independent Drivers Guild said.

The organizer of the event said he hears carjacking stories from drivers on an almost daily basis.

Just last week, a rideshare driver shot in the chest by his passenger during an attempted carjacking in West Garfield Park.

At the vigil, we learned another driver is paralyzed after he was shot by a carjacker last month. And another driver told us he’s left the business because of what happened to him.

“They order a ride and they got my car and they pulled a gun on me and took my car,” driver Mustafa Alawsi said.

These rideshare drivers are asking the companies they work for to make changes, but this crisis is something the Chicago Police Department is watching closely too.

The department has expanded its carjacking task force and is planning to release new information about a joint task force operation on Wednesday.

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