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CHICAGO — The Wieners Circle released footage Thursday showing the moment a man threw a brick at their restaurant after being turned away for not wearing a mask.

According to police, around 8:40 p.m. Wednesday, a man attempted to order food at the Lincoln Park hotdog stand and when asked to put on a mask, police said he became irate.

The video shows the man speaking to someone at the counter, who can not be seen on video. The man turns to leave the restaurant and is then seen grabbing a handful of snow and tosses it at the counter. The second time he grabs the snow, he runs into the restaurant and throws it at the employees behind the counter. He is then seen walking out.

Longtime employee Robbie Sheppard was working when it happened.

 “I told him get the (expletive) outta here if you’re not gonna put a mask on,” she said. “He got mad because I swore.”

The Wieners Circle said he came back later that night and tossed a brick at the front door and shattered it. The video shows the man wearing a hoodie and running away after he tosses the item.

“It scared the crap out of them because you can imagine the sound of that,” manager Evelyn Morris. “So they all just ran to the back.”

The restaurant said everyone is safe and they are grateful for the support received after they shared about the incident. They posted a photo of a license plate they believe belongs to the man officials are searching for.

There’s been an outpouring of support from loyal customers. Including one who dropped off cash, wanting to help cover repairs to the front door. It’s already been fixed.

“If you don’t wear masks just stay home. That’s my message,” Morris said. “Stay home.”

No one has been taken into custody. Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at