CHICAGO — Police are investigating a rash of early-morning car burglaries in Chicago’s South Loop.

Police say a search is underway for the occupants of a blue Dodge Challenger who appeared to be working as a team while blowing out car windows and stealing belongings from inside the vehicles.

One of the burglaries happened only two blocks away from Chicago Police 1st District.

Tammy Huang, a South Loop resident, says she are stunned by the brazen nature of the thefts.

“We wouldn’t expect this to happen when the police stations right there,” Huang said.

The assailants smashed out car windows and ransacked vehicles starting just after 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Another South Loop resident, Jack White, said he can hardly believe it.

“This is crazy. This car, that car all their windows are smashed,” White said.

White says he thinks it is clear that Chicago police have all they can handle in the South Loop. He says he sees it from his condo balcony every night.

“You wake up in the middle of the night, you look down State Street and it’s nothing but police lights everywhere,“ White said.

White, who operates his popular Hoss Company apparel brand out of the South Loop says he is thinking about leaving Chicago.

“I’ve had a friend held up at gunpoint and they rob this car. Another friend had a gun pointed at him at ICON theater,” White said.

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection to the robberies and an investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information that could help authorities in their investigation can leave a tip at Tips can be filed anonymously.