CHICAGO — The hunt is on after overnight surveillance video captured a pair of brazen thieves stealing a gaming machine with thousands inside from a North Side gas station.

Video shows the crooks with a dolly steal a Redemption Machine, used to pay gaming winnings to customers from an Edgewater-area Marathon gas station.

Inside the machine was $17,000, according to management at the gas station located in the 6200 block of N. Clark St. 

Stolen gaming machine found in the 3500 block of W. Peterson. (Photo: WGN)

Authorities say after 3 a.m., a man wearing a mask entered the gas station. An employee told WGN News that the masked man went to the back, opened the back door, and a second suspect walked in with a dolly. 

The suspect with the dolly then used his hand to indicate he was armed.

Surveillance video then shows the pair ripping the Redemption Machine from the wall, putting it on a dolly, and exiting the store.

The two suspects allegedly used a getaway car parked behind the gas station.  

Authorities dispatched to the 3500 block of W. Peterson found a machine that appears to be the same one taken from the gas station. 

No one was hurt.

Authorities did not release a suspect description. No one was in custody at last check.

The manager told WGN News he believes one of the suspects came inside the gas station just a day before to scope the store out.