CHICAGO — A Beverly family that is still reeling from an armed carjacking in their driveway was targeted again only 12 days later, police say.

According to Chicago police, two persons of interest were taken in for questioning on Tuesday after thieves made off with a second vehicle stolen from the family that fell victim less than two weeks ago.

Police say the carjackings happened around 7:20 a.m. in the 9300 block of South Pleasant Avenue in the city’s Beverly neighborhood.

The family’s surveillance camera captured the moments the carjacking took place on Nov. 2, when thieves stole one of the family vehicles and FOBs to both of the family’s cars.

Alderman Matthew O’Shea (19th Ward) said thieves returned to the house on Tuesday morning and stole a second vehicle that was parked on the street outside the home.

“They’re absolutely fearless of any accountability and in this case, unfortunately for them, they’re going to be held accountable, they’re going to be charged and they’re going to do serious time,” O’Shea said.

Police said the vehicle was later recovered in the 9700 block of South Merrill Avenue.

The first stolen vehicle was recovered last week and a woman was charged with a misdemeanor in connection with theft. She was later released.